The art of piercing a tradition which is thousands of years old, which has been more and more professionalized over the years until it has reached today’s standards of hygiene and comfort.

Today’s jewelry has a higher level of purity than years ago. The hygienic circumstance for the implementation has also risen, just like the variety of possible jewelry that can be worn after the healing of the pierced hole.

One important aspect with piercing is the pain which can be experienced while the implementation. This depends on the (current) physical condition, one’s own attitude (anxiety…) and part of the body which is to be pierced. Thanks to modern instrumentation and anaesthetics the pain nowadays can be reduced to a minimum.

Successful piercing can only be performed under the circumstances that the customer has not been intoxicated by medicine, alcohol or drugs in the last 24 hours before piercing. The rest depends on the care during the healing phase, which will explained thoroughly to every customer.

Scheduling an appointment to get pierced is a little easier than for the tattoo process.
In this case you can either appear in person or call in.


A small gallery of piercings made by Culture Shocks.