We have a solution if you don’t want to carry your key, cash or your company ID-card anymore. By use of a writeable RFID-Chip under your skin you have unlimited possible applications for use. For example you can open doors with just a movement of the hand. You can start your car or motorcycle or you can unlock your computer and smartphone.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), otherwise known as „TAG“ is a subdermal implant which will be implemented under your skin with a hypodermic needle. The transponder is embedded into a glas capsule. Every RFID implant has a worldwide unique ID which can be readout with a special reader / decoder. The transponder has an electromagnetic field that is used for contact free readout.

An RFID implant is permanent (very difficult to remove) an not visible. The implementation does not leave any visible scars. Security checks (for expamle on airports) are easily possible. Also on medical investigations like X-RAY, computed tomography or MR imaging are no problems known.

The RFID-transponder has no own power supply. The energy is generated by the reader.
(reading distance max. 60cm)

Visit us in our studios to get detailed information on your RFID implant.